Saturday Showdown Olympic Weightlifting

18 sept 2021

-Athletes Briefing!-

The flow of the Competition:

Format, 8 athletes on 4 platforms perform the Oly lifts! There will be 2 athletes on a platform and they will stay there during the whole Snatch session and later the same applies for Clean&Jerk.

With a running clock of 30 seconds (20sec for the lift and 10sec judge transition time) each and every consecutive athlete has to make his/her attempt. Each athlete (of the group of 8) will stay on the competition floor for the duration of their Snatch session (all three attempts).

After the first athlete has lifted on platform 1, the second athlete needs to go on platform 2, then the third on platform 3 and then the fourth on platform 4. Athlete 5 will be on platform 1, athlete 6 on platform 2, athlete 7 on platform 3 and athlete 8 on platform 4.

The athlete stands behind his/her platform and will be called out by the Head-Judge to perform the lift. Within 20 seconds the attempt must have been done. After all 8 athletes have done their first attempt there is a 1 min ‘buffer’ time! Then the second attempt will follow for all 8 athletes, again 1 min buffer time before the final third attempt will be done by all 8 athletes.
Again, the athlete needs to stand ready behind his platform and can only start after he has been called out at the start of his 20seconds. There is a running clock of 30 seconds, being 20 seconds for the lift to perform by the athlete and 10 seconds buffer time before the next 20 seconds for the next athlete starts.

After the attempt the next athlete on that platform loads his barbel with his next weight, which will also be on the weight-card which stands before his platform. So, the athlete is responsible for loading himself! There will be a ‘weight-judge’ present at each platform, who will check the weight on the bar and the weight-card so we have no mis calculations.
After the first round of 8 lifts, the second round starts right away, in the same manner as the first round. So, the 8 athletes remain on the competition floor for all their three attempts of the Snatch. The same protocol applies for the Clean&Jerk. After that the athletes are done with their Snatch they leave the floor together (if asked so) and can prepare for the Clean & Jerk when the time schedule says so.

After the first 8 athletes have performed their snatches, the next 8 athletes come into the arena (they will be called out) and do their 3 lifts of Snatch. This repeats until everybody is done with the Snatch.

The Clean & Jerk will then also take place in the same format

Warm -up:

We have two warm-up area’s.

  1. The general warm-up area is upstairs and there are NO barbels and weights. Athletes can do a general warm-up, stretching, mobility and the kind. Also band-work can be done there.
  2. The specific warm-up is in the weightlifting area. 8 Athletes do their warm-up while the rest of the athletes are upstairs or elsewhere. The warm-up time for all athletes is fixed. When group A is competing on the competition floor group B is allowed to warm-up on the platforms in the weightlifting area. Group C may be doing general warm-up upstairs. Every group will be called out to the specific weightlifting area. There are no spectators of any kind allowed in the warm-up area. Only athletes and their coaches.
  3. Spectators can watch the competition NOT the warm-up. We will have screens up, so the warm-up area is not visible for spectators. Specific warm-up for group A starts around 12:50. The Body-Weight-Judge will be there 5 minutes prior to your specific warm-up session and call you out during the warmk-up to get your bodyweight. Be on time, for your own sake but also for everybody else, we do this together.
  4. We would love to have everyone present at around 12 o clock even if your lifting starts later. We like to have a blast together from the start to the finish! If you are really not able, then at least be present 15 minutes before your general warm-up starts. We communicate the final schedule 1 week prior to all athletes.

Sinclair will be the ruler

After both lifts have been performed the competition is done and everybody can drink and eat something (made available by World of Weights) while the final order will be calculated. The final order is calculated through Sinclair which takes into account the weight of the athlete. We do not have weight or age groups. Everybody is light at their feet and young at heart so we reckon that age or weight groups are not appropriate. 🙂

For the technical rules we apply the standard rules BUT we will be a little less harsh on lock-outs. That means that we will count the attempt if it looks smooth even if there is a small elbow fling, this is up to the judge. Especially lock-outs (elbows) are always up to debate. If we have a good rep with no push, we will count the rep, even if elbows flip-flop a little. A real push will be a red flag. But we will not be overly strict. So, when in doubt we will count that as a good rep. We strive to have a great and fair competition that is also good to follow for the spectators. There is no protest possibility, the judge will be strict and fair under the assumption that the best man and woman needs to win 🙂

As soon as the standings are clear the price ceremony will take place. We have a women category and a men category, so 6 prices. While it is most important to have a great event it is also nice to know who did what compared to others. We reckon to have a blast, so we say: Have a blast!

FAQ WoW Saturday Showdown

Registration starts at 12:00 o clock, then 12.30 Athletes Briefing


Are welcome at the general warm-up (upstairs) and during the specific warm-up on the plaftorms. They have NO place on the competition floor during the competition. 

There is no clothing rules but: If possible wear an official weightlifting suit. If not, make sure you lift in tight clothing so the jury can see good technic en locked elbows. 

During your general warm-up for the Snatch you will be asked to confirm you Openers for the Snatch and the Clean&Jerk. After this you can not change them anymore. You have to start with that weight! After first attempt you may only go up or retry the same weights again if you failed it.

If you have any question, please send me an email, I will then answer your question and put it on this Q&A as well. Mail me on:  


-We do what we Can, We keep Pushing, We never Stop-

Questions, please let us know through email.